AYYA Champion Points Race - update August 2009

As of August 19, 2009 the top point holders in the AYYA Champion Points Race are…

In first place is TYLER SEVERANCE with 37.5 points

In second place is SAM SCOTT with 36 points

In third place is JON MARTIN with 26.5 points

In fourth place is IAN JOHNSON with 21.5 points

In fifth place is SEBASTIAN BROCK with 19.5 points


  • Worlds does not count in the points race.
  • The International Yo-Yo Open does not count in the points race.
  • Winner of the points race will be announced at Nationals.

To see the current point holders go to the AYYA site here: http://www.ayya.org/core/ayya-champion-of-the-year/103.html (points are updated monthly).

To read all the AYYA Champion of the Year rules go to the AYYA site here: http://www.ayya.org/core/ayya-champion-of-the-year.html

Sign up as an AYYA member here http://www.ayya.org/core/ to begin making your points active for this year’s AYYA Champion Points Race!