AYYA Champion of 2009

The AYYA Champion of 2009 is SAM SCOTT with 42.5 points

In 2nd place is TYLER SEVERANCE with 41.5 points

In 3rd place is SEBASTIAN BROCK with 31.5 points

To see the current point holders go to the AYYA site here: http://www.ayya.org/core/ayya-champion-of-the-year/103.html (points are updated monthly).

To read all the AYYA Champion of the Year rules go to the AYYA site here: http://www.ayya.org/core/ayya-champion-of-the-year.html

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One question: Will all the scores of the players will clear out next year?

Happy Throwing! =]

Correct. Everyone starts the 2010 yo-yo season with zero points.


I’ve had the chance of meeting Sam on more then one occasion. He’s really a cool guy and his 5a is nasty good.

Congrats bro.

Sam(m?) is awesome. So awesome.