Axle stuck on shutter

someone traded me a shutter but failed to inform me the axle didn’t fit, it’s jammed in the yoyo and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get it out. thanks.

As in it is the incorrect thread size or it simply will not loosen?

it’s too big I believe.

Go to the hardware store and look for an axel that will fit it (Set screw).

Use a pliers to remove it, then assuming the threads aren’t hosed do as WH0TH3MAN suggests.

what size axle should I get?


Most YYF yoyos use 4mm x .7 mm pitch set screw. Try that for thread size. If that fits find the proper length. If you can’t get a set screw of the right length, get a regular screw and cut the head off at the proper length. File the cut smooth.

FYI: [url=,19914.0.html]Common Yoyo Axle Sizes[/url