Axle nubs?

What are axle nubs for? Are they used in tricks? I recently bought the ti confusion and they have nubs but not for hubstacks like the newer confusion. Just wondering what their purpose is.

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To reduce weight in the center of the yoyo.

If you consider the wall past the response groove as the minimum depth a yoyo hub can be (generally speaking), you’ll still want an axle longer than that, so you’re left with two options: have a hub with extra weight past the depth of the response groove, or add a nub to accommodate the axle length.


Ok that makes a lot of sense. So its just there because it has to be and isn’t there for any particular trick.

Do you have a picture?

Yes, that nub in the center of the pictured yoyo is there so the axle has material to screw into. If the hub were flat, then there would be much more weight in and around the center, around the axle, and it would perform differently.

The nub basically tells you, “We removed as much center weight as we could, while still having enough there to screw the thing together.”

Some brands will do things to the nubs for aesthetics or to allow for more tricks. General Yo, for example, tends to sharpen them into spikes which can be used for pull starts and matadors.

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