Can u help me pick one out of the 4? i dont hav much of a preference so please dont ask.
Can u attach hubstacks to the eneme?
u can suggest other yoyos which u feel are better

If you don’t have preferences, just choose which one looks the best for you…
And what yoyo do you own now?? Are you happy with it?

I’ve only played the Axiom, and liked it quite a bit. I also hear really great things about the Genesis.

Axiom is definitely an awesome pick, at least for me (attested to by the fact that it’s in my “favorite yoyos” spot on my profile lol).

The Eneme also looks uber appealing to me, but haven’t gotten to try it yet.

I do have the Genesis too, but it’s definitely not my cup of tea. Feels too bulky to me. I’m not a fan of the “H” sort of shape.

i have a hitman and a new breed n i was quite happy with both especially my new breed.
by the way,what is beadblasted?

All are anno except the Meteor has BB Rims. The Genesis has the the Most durable Anno,the YYJ anno comes off easier than YYF anno.

Beadblasting is a type of finish, it essentially makes the surface of the yoyo sort of softer to the touch and more grind-friendly.

k thx.but which of the 4 do u like best?