Avatar/signature wars

So, this is your avatars/signathree having a war. Pick a side, pick a group, pick a tangent, whatever. You just need to post something to kind of impersonate the above users avatar or signature. I think you get the picture.

Yur avatar looks like a yoyo :o


Your sig done glitched. :o AND YOUR GUMBALL IS ANGRY

idk what the mess happened to my sig… i think a mod may have changed it.

your sig is mean…

I AM mean. Your dig is begging for thank yous.

Your yoyo is on fire.

you have a lame sig…

You changed your sig.

you didnt

Whenever I try I get an error.



yours isn’t

Your sig is!!!.. I think we’ve run out of criticisms…

for real though…

Your sig has an error… ::slight_smile:

Your sig is a rip off of a song!

You’re right about your siggy, I don’t like it

Your. Profile pic though…

It rather lack of one…