avalanche killing my bearings?


so i got an fg avalanche for christmas. the first bearing was a complete dud. had almost no spin on it. so i switched to a 10 ball. the 10 ball was a lot smoother and i was satisfied until later that night when it gave out on me too. i was tried cleaning it and it didnt help at all. so i switched to another 10 ball and after very little playtime the bearing started to slow down again.

ive been running my bearings dry as im out of town and dont have lube to use. any ideas of whats going on? i feel like its more than coincidince that my bearings keep giving out on me.


Well, you’re out of town so your willingness to spend on certain things diminishes. I understand.

I recommend cleaning the bearings, then lubing. But, we’re talking NEW bearing in a NEW yoyo, and maybe the bearing needs breaking in. But you’ve cleaned it according to your description. Did you dry it thoroughly?

I can’t see how the yoyo itself would be contributing towards bearing death. But with multiple bearings, that tends to point me back to the yoyo. I like CLYW and I’m not defending them here because I’d take the same position with any company. I fail to see how the yoyo itself is going to cause the bearing to fail.


I could have a deformed seat which outs pressure on the bearing in a way that could make it break and cause the slight vibe that makes it fg. That or there is some sort of dirt that is mucking up your bearings in the seat.

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If this resorts and you would like a new yoyo.
Aslong as it is in the same condition it came in you could try contacting Chris[Owner of CLYW]
He’s pretty nice and im sure he would replace it!

CLYW’s website :


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For any new CLYWs I definitely recommend a drop of thin lube to prolong the life of the stock dry bearings.