Auldey L3

This is my first video so please post any suggestions to make it better.

And just so you know I’ve been yoyoing for about 5 months.

1: 5 months? Nice. Don’t stop now, you’re starting good. I’m at 3 months, but I find it hard to get the time to practice. Your 5 months will be far beyond my 5 months. Just keep at it and don’t quit!

2: Camera angle: See about finding some manner of being able to have more control over the camera, such as not the unit embedded into your laptop. Level is good. Upwards is just the wrong direction.

3: Keep having fun. That’s what it should be about.

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Thanks for the advice, I will try that next time.

Any other comments?


what string white background, don’t do that.
Keep up the throwing man.

Yeah, I know that wasn’t such a good idea.