Audience Involvement


Hey everyone,

So this weekend I will be performing at the Minnesota State Fair for 4-H. I have performed multiple times up there in the past couple years, and I always try to find a way to interact with the audience before the performance. 2 years ago, I ran back and forth along the stage having people do the wave. Last year, I split the crowd in half and had them say yo-yo back and forth. This year, I don’t know what to do. Any ideas you guys have to incorporate the crowd before my performance would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and just so you guys know, I am doing a Michael Jackson themed performance, with a costume and songs all being MJ.

Again, any ideas would be awesome!


Do the moonwalk while doing huge seasick trick. Two smooth things if done right.


Attempt to crowdsurf in the middle of your performance. Just jump onto the crowd and hope they catch you.


Love the moonwalking idea, if I had the concentration to do both at the same time :wink:

My problem doesnt actually involve the tricks themselves (I have those set), but from finding a way during my intro before I yoyo to engage the crowd. I need a way, such as having them do the wave, to get them interacting and engaged beforehand so they want to see the performance.

Keep any ideas you guys have coming!


Have eveyone have the thriller dance


You might have to explain what that is to some of the younger members of the audience.



They Can look around and do what other people are doing :smiley:


I’m a child of the 70’s to 80’s born in the 2000’s. I get this stuff