Attitude, perception and yoyo's!

Attitude turns people on or off to what we do. Their attitudes and ours contribute to their yoyo experience. How often have you seen a person that’s talented and practiced in a skill have an attitude that turns you off? In fact their attitude actually may translate negatively towards the very activity that they are demonstrating. They look at others with intolerance and are unapproachable. So why demonstrate the skill in public if you don’t wont to be bothered by others? Yoyoers would never do this! Would we?

I’ve noticed in the years I’ve belonged to various forums that contempt for non yoyoers increases then decreases. Recently I haven’t seen as much frustation being discussed on the boards regarding our interactions with non throwers. Thus it would appear to be a good moment in time for this post. Has anyone every shared something with you that made your day special? That improved your life? That was an unforgettable moment? Yes, we’ve all had those moments but how many of us have created those moments for others? We carry a sunshine on a string!

Step outside of your norm sometime and just yoyo for someone else, mind, body, and soul. Do it totally for them! Do tricks that you normally don’t or wouldn’t do when you practice (the simple stuff). Don’t wait for them to ask to try that trick, offer to show them how! Make that child laugh, give mom and dad a reason to smile. Do something real for people you don’t even know. Walk the dog, rock the baby, drop in the bucket and make someones day special.

You may find the reward is as great if not greater than yoing for yourself. Be bold, give it a try!

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Today I helped my mom at work for 5 or 6 hours ad yoyoed during breaks. Everyone liked it and she has a silver sneakers class which is a workout for elderly people, I performed for them as well. (She works at a fitness facility)

I was at a skating rink last week and took requests for probably 2 and a half hours straight. It was so much fun. Also if I’m at the mall or something and I see elderly people sitting down I run and do a texas cowboy. Idk it just seems like old people enjoy it more than anyone else. I like entertaining people and try to do so whenever I get a chance.

Just be approachable, answer questions, and walk the dog. Even if it’s just on your arm.

I can confirm Alex doing a random texas cowboy in the middle of the mall in front of a bunch of old people.

Also, lol

well, the issue with forums is that they tend to bring out the worst in people because it’s easy to misinterpret what’s written as you don’t have all the elements allowing for a good communication.

also add to the fact that many throwers are just teens acting out sometimes. Once you get a good slice of life experience and struggle, your perception changes.