Atomic bounce!


my new trick!

and if you didn’t see it:


That’s pretty cool. What kind of mount are you in?

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #3

Really nice trick. Do you tut on it. I love my M1 too.
Xela your sure going pro soon.


thats a nice trick i really like it, when you said atomic i was like o gosh please dont let this be another amature split bottom mount trick haha, props its really cool


glad you like it guys!
its the lego2 mount, i can tut if you want, with pleasure!
lol to be pro i have to do a realy good freestyle, lol.
i never made a good one, maybe this year at our frensh nats 14 march at Lille(north of france)
see you soon my friends!


Yeah, a tutorial will be great. Also, are you using a YYF? Or is that a RecRev BadRep?

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #7

Badrep Light i think i spelled Badrep wrong. or w/e the name is, look at the end of the video it will say it.


it is a badrep light…
not my fav but a nice one.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #9

My aqua 08 888 is coming on mon or tue. I hope it’s alright. :smiley:



Nice tutorial, and I’m gonna learn it. ;D
And the second video is awesome. Metal for everyone*

Happy Throwing! =]


You traded markmont? >:( >:( no offence… kinda stupid



PLEASE make a tutorial for it ;D.


xela, your tricks always have a flow that seems unreal.