At Design Zero Pay it Forward

ZeRo had just landed in Rochester, NY. Thank you @Upmanyu for the excellent pack job and @yoyojoe for making this happen. I will let you know my thoughts over the coming days.


zero is on the move shortly, @yodude19 is up next.

Im so intrigued by this brand. I really love the parametric design theme. This one is enough to bring me on board so, I want to learn more. A 16mm axle, what? This one has a far amount of fingernail vibe but I totally love it! The vibe almost gives it a pulse (pulse as in it’s got life, im not describing pulse vibe)

I wish I could keep it longer but no worry, I think there will be more mono soon.


@yoyojoe can confirm but I believe it was dead smooth originally but he ran into an issue with the bearing post.

Maybe he can chime in on the smoothness of the replacement he received.

Hey guys, since living outside US I couldn’t participate @ pay it forward. just snagged one by myself. Besides one of the best and easiest shipping experiences as well as an awesome dialogue with @atdesignlab - the ZeRo came DEAD smooth without any flaws, issues, vibe whatsoever… Just my 0,02 $.


Per one of his original posts…… I’m going to guess it’s no worse than it was.

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Zero is a blast! I do recommend thinner string though, even my kitty normal felt a little snaggy. I didn’t try any of the string in the box because it feels thicker. Not sure what it all is so I added something I’m not sure of. If anyone can identify it I would be appreciative. It has a pre-tied knot thats about 25mm in length (white string in the photo). It’s pretty thin. Someone gave it to me in a BST buy. Maybe Duncan?


It showed up the other day but I wasn’t able to open the package until today. First thoughts were that it takes on an Eetsit-esquire shape. Which means it’s also very similar to The End Part II, just a tad larger. The gap is larger, and more modernized, the shape is ever so slightly more sloped going into the catch zone, and the coating/finish feels great. This is exactly how I remember the OG 28 Stories Peak feeling…powdery almost.

After a couple of minutes of throwing I can say I have really liked the Zero thus far. I know the vibe was inherited over time, but it feels right to me…it just kind of adds to its character and makes it feel like a classic. Kind of like how old cars have a gasoline scent, you just know it’s a classic.

I will admit, the Zero plays better than my The End Part II. It also feels a lot more comfortable in my hand and I think that is due to the slightly larger size. The weight also just feels right on it. It can be chill and floaty and it can also feel effortlessly quick (not fast, but quick). It reminds me of a Ywet mixed with a….Chief. Maybe you’ll call than an unpopular opinion but I swear the movements of this are reminiscent to a chief.

This is what I’ve gathered in the 5 minutes of throwing it. I’ll keep using it this week to see if any of my thoughts or opinions change.


Is it possible to get on the list still?


any chance i could get on the list too?