Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2009


Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 2009 will be postponed

Dear members of the Spinning community,

We are aware of the enthusiasm and excitement that everyone has for the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships, also affectionately known as “AP”. There has been a lot of speculation about where and when it will be held and this goes to show that the spinning scene has been thriving, serving a great motivation for us all.

Our initial plan was to continue this year following the success of 2008 where everyone had a great time. However, due to adverse economic conditions, it has been an uphill battle for our organising team to secure an appropriate venue and sponsorships from corporate sponsors. One of the main problems was because AP was traditionally held in the festive peak season, clashing with several other major events. This puts us at a disadvantage as we are competing with other more established events for venue and funding.

We have identified this as a yearly problem and we had an early discussion with the leading representatives of participating countries, together with the feedback gathered from previous participants, it seems the solution would be to revamp the event and shift the competition period to an off-peak season of the year. Due to different variations of holidays and exam periods of different countries, our collected information shows that end March will accommodate most people. We understand that some countries may be affected by this shift but we will try our best to fine tune this event constantly.

The organizing team deeply regrets for causing any disappointment for the postponement of AP but we strongly believe this move will be for the better good. We thank you all for the patience and your continuous support. Let us all train hard and gather together in end March 2010 in Singapore to showcase the true spirit of spinning to the World. Further details will be released towards the event.

please help to circulate this information around. If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to send them to:

Yours Sincerely,

Colin Wan


Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships

(Astrojax) #2

doesn’t “ap” mean artistic performance? ;D


Haha, No, Its a contest. They just have same Abbrevitaions. :smiley: