Yoyoexpert ,I think your great but yet I get the sense that you don’t give a pile of poo about the anyc :frowning:
I’m not trying to be offensive but some people need to know

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Well I guess they can go and look it up If they need to know.


First, I edited your post. We don’t appreciate people skirting around the forum profanity filters with symbols. And second… What???

What do you think people need to know? That we don’t sponsor a contest on the other side of the globe? There are tons of contests around the world and many that we do not sponsor, it wouldn’t be cost effective.

There are stores located much closer to Australia that sponsor the contest. We don’t sponsor many Asian contests either, just like you wouldn’t see a Chinese/Japanese yo-yo store sponsoring our local contests. That’s how it works.


Not sponsoring ,just put the times and dates on the calendar for anyc
Sorry about that before :disappointed_relieved:


Well then… When is it? I don’t see any info online - They haven’t posted on Facebook since 2015 and their website hasn’t been updated since 2011.


That’s why I need you

(Spinworthy Glen) #7

If the ANYC isn’t bothering to put any info out there, you can hardly expect YYE to do anything about dates of the competition or anything.

I know it is our local yoyo championship, but it is a small event and Australia at this time is not known as a strong yoyo presence.