As it Grows Darker ( 3a video)


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3A makes my brain hurt, so anyone who can do it at all has my respect XD

Haha, thanks!

Dude this is awesome, going too post on my fb wall, yaa more views

Your lookin better than ever man :wink: great stuff!

Wow, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

3a is tough… I personally think its the toughest style but ur making it work for you ;D


Just realized that you were the guy I hung out with at the NER. Great performance there, by the way! I got inspired to start 3A myself (it’s tough, still working on getting the basic velvet mount).

Waitttt, didnt you get like 5th in prelims at NER?

Dude, your taste in music is amazing <3

And your 3A greatly exceeds mine for sure!

How many years? :open_mouth:

Nice choice of music

And dang your 3a is tight, heck I can’t even throw 3a

Yes! I remember you. I’m glad I inspired you.

Yup, too bad I sucked in finals. haha

Thanks <3 I’m very fond of my music, and I think maybe into 3a for 3 or four years.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Wow, How old are you?

Youve been throwing 3a Longer than ive been throwing period xD

I’m fifteen. :slight_smile: I’ve been throwing for a good six or seven years.

WOW, Dangggggg

Thanks! I’m glad you’re exited.