As it Grows Darker ( 3a video)

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #1



3A makes my brain hurt, so anyone who can do it at all has my respect XD

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #3

Haha, thanks!


Dude this is awesome, going too post on my fb wall, yaa more views

(Mack) #5

Your lookin better than ever man :wink: great stuff!

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #6

Wow, thanks guys! :slight_smile:


3a is tough… I personally think its the toughest style but ur making it work for you ;D

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #8



Just realized that you were the guy I hung out with at the NER. Great performance there, by the way! I got inspired to start 3A myself (it’s tough, still working on getting the basic velvet mount).

(Owen) #10

Waitttt, didnt you get like 5th in prelims at NER?

(UmeNagisa) #11

Dude, your taste in music is amazing <3

And your 3A greatly exceeds mine for sure!

How many years? :open_mouth:


Nice choice of music

And dang your 3a is tight, heck I can’t even throw 3a

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #13

Yes! I remember you. I’m glad I inspired you.

Yup, too bad I sucked in finals. haha

Thanks <3 I’m very fond of my music, and I think maybe into 3a for 3 or four years.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #14

Wow, How old are you?

Youve been throwing 3a Longer than ive been throwing period xD

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #15

I’m fifteen. :slight_smile: I’ve been throwing for a good six or seven years.

(UmeNagisa) #16

WOW, Dangggggg

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #17

Thanks! I’m glad you’re exited.