Hey guys! I filmed my 6 month vid a while ago and Jason edited it so here it is!


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P.S. WATCH IN HQ! Its wayyy better!

Welldone dude!

Keep it up, develop your style and HAVE FUN! :-*

did you go to national?

Err…no…anyways no more comments??


great 6 month vid!!! i love the tricks you did but you need to practice them and get them down faster. cool tricks look waaaaaaay more flashy when done fast

Man, that’s a cool video you’ve got there.

That’s only 6 months?! That’s insane, dude! I’m on 5 months and let me tell ya, I don’t look like that! :o


I think its Day N’ Night.

it’s Day N’ Night (Nightmare) by KiD CuDi. It’s the album version.

Jason, I LOVE how you missed another part ::).

Psh, I put ALL the parts in that YOU sent me.

nice vid, i like that crazy grind you did. what yoyo are you using?

Look at the info closer ;).

I sent you 3 correct?