ART Shout, OUT

Shout is mint with box, Bastet has a couple of pinpricks. OUT has been played, it is heavy, 72.7g without string. It is fun and beautiful, but, I just don’t throw it as much as any of my other fixies

Happy to knock $10 off for multiples.

Shout - $45
OUT - $22.50
Bastet -SOLD (was $25)

Prices are PayPal G&S and include shipping in USA



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Someone needs to swipe these up!


anything wrong with the Mighty Flea?

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The flea plays well (as well as a Mighty Flea plays). It has a ding pictured in the view looking into the gap. It is a fun yoyo, but, not a long spinning performance monster.


Hey French what are you doing? These throws are a steal bro!? You are giving these throws away…or what? ART shout for over 1/2 price off? Killer deal! Somebody is gonna snap this up!


On Halloween, all of these are guaranteed to be able to perform the Goblin Bind :rofl:

Thank you man. The Shout is the one I’m on the fence about, but, it hasn’t come out of the case to play for awhile. When I strung it up this morning, I was reminded what a fun throw it is. Seems to know what I need it to do before I do ;). If that one doesn’t get bought, I won’t be sad.


Happy to bundle yoyos to save you shipping and me time!

anything you wanna swap for?

‘Twas the night before Election Day and all through the house, a Mighty Flea gave a Shout while riding a mouse.

I had my lube and bearing tool, the weather was turning, getting quite cool. Throwing my Too H.O.T, string ended up in a knot. Ahh, a mug of cocoa will hit the spot.

Ran out of ideas to continue with the rhymes. New stuff added.


I’ll take the Severe if you still have it. I don’t know if this is a PM or reply, new to this forum and can’t figure out how to send a PM. I’m probably staring right at it, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

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Click on the users name and then message.

Fixed Axle Friday Eve bump

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Mighty Flea still there…?!

Sorry, the Flea has been sold.

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you should probably list it as sold then

I was sending him money as you posted. Just perfect timing. Lol

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HA! cool

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

If you see something you are interested in, but don’t like my price, make an offer

My offer still stands :slight_smile:

Edit: woopsie, didn’t realize that was 21 days ago.