2010 mighty flea. Trades.

Got it like a week or 2 ago. Hardly used. Comes with 95+ green strings and 2 sets of response pads. Plastic case for it is cracked but still Pops shut. It’s a very fun yoyo to have in your collection it’s just not for me…
Everything I have totals up to about 85$

For trades I’m looking for a Superwide or a mint 888x ( I’ve seen them on here for ~70$)
Or any normal size full metals you have to offer. Maybe something with hubstacks
Try to keep offers close to an equal value. Whether its a yoyo or a yoyo with a different bearing in it or what not, you get the point.

Let me know what you got. I’ll get pics up when I can.

Sorry if I do something wrong this is my first time posting in bst.

My one home computer I have access to at the moment keeps timing out on the forum. When I get access to my other computer I’ll try to get pics up. (shouldnt be over a week )