ART SF UNPRLD AXIS @4_U2_C clout sale

dont comment to whine about prices ill let these yoyos sit on the forums for years if i have to

not posting pics but if you interested hit my line im a very reasonable man.
imsg 7787721672 Instagram @4_u2_c shipping from canada

Black friday sucction 7.8/10 no vibe 130usd shipped

DEADSTOCK flawless clear life (art x gsquared) 160usd shipped

PDX swamp monster flawless, all black 1 of 10 prototype from pnwr 2019, 45 usd shipped

ART sparrow purple 6.5-7/10 plays very well slight slight vibe pics upon request 75usd shipped

raw grail 9.5/10 210 usd lol

SF cadence ES 1 of 10 shibuya rewind cadence, rarest cadence ES drop, 8.5/10 plays A grade mint 180 USD shipped

AXIS pornography and disintegration 35 usd each shipped or 60 usd for both deadstock mint

unprld ignition Failure is unknown edition mint 150 usd

first person to spend over 150 usd gets a free b grade IGNITION by unprld

ok bye lol some old ■■■ heads gonna be up in my comments for taxing but i don’t care i need money to afford new kiko kostadinov clothing


All good but needs pics my man

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later tonight i can but my instagram shows everything too

Right but where’s the link to your instagram

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So basically this?


Lmao them yoyos

But that cadence is lit




E for effort

There are 25 Rewind ESs, rarest would be becko ed

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my bad !! ill update

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…Because the forum rules don’t apply to you?

I don’t think I like you.


:slight_smile: Great deals!


@Strappnasti I’ll trade you a supreme miles Davis tee for the Grail

Did anyone else feel compelled to look up kiko kostadinov clothing?

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It’s the only thing I wear now


Just another Gosha Rubchinskiy rip-off

new kiko asics got my heart broi gotta have em by any means and if that means liquifying my immense yoyo collection so be it

shut up you stupid boomer

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Hard commit on the J-Roc cosplay. Love it.