Arizona state?

Does Anyone know of a az state yoyo contest I know there have been some in the past what about this year?

an official date hasn’t been decided yet but it is usually the end of October

It was in November last year

I think it’s November 8th this year

It was in Cave Creek AZ last year in the desert ridge shopping center. Is it always there because I went last year and live pretty close to there. It’d be awesome if it was there again.

Cave Creek? Pretty sure desert ridge is in Phoenix.
Especially because I live like 5 minutes away from it.

I live Arizona. See you at AZ states.

Cave creek is the town that its in.

Queen creek is 45 minutes away from desert ridge

I always though desert ridge was Scottsdale

Sorry you’re right I got mixed up because I usually take cave creek road to get there and there is a town called cave creek, but it’s in Scottsdale.

Not really sure that we’re talking about the same place.

Haha its alright I can see the misconception, i don’t even live in Arizona…yet I visit a lot and my family is trying to move to Chandler

It’s the place it was at last year that’s what I am talking about lol

Oh yeah that place? haha


It was held at:

Desert Ridge Marketplace
21001 N Tatum Blvd
Phoenix, AZ. 85050


Date(s): 11/16/2013