area 51?

hey, so i was browsing the web, and i found a trick called area 51 on this site
but i can’t find a tutorial or example anywhere…help?

I recall that Area 51 was one of Eric Twark’s tricks from back in the day.

I think I saw it him do it in a video.

I will look for the vid, and if I find it, I will see if I can figure out the trick and make a tut.


mkay, thanks!

…anybody find it yet?

sorta off topic but isnt area51 where they see aliens in nevada or new mexico or something

its a military base in new mexico i believe that officially does not exist. their was a crash which officially was a weather balloon but some say it was a ufo, and a big conspieracy arose from thier! yea but apparently its a trick and i’m curious about it! :confused:

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No one will ever know the trick Area 51. The aliens have failed to remove all traces of that particular yoyoing trick. O_o

… seriously does anybody know or heard of this trick?

I don’t know anything about the Area 51 trick, but the base itself definitely exists. And it’s in Nevada, not New Mexico.

Area 51 is thought to be where the government tests most of its experimental aircraft. It’s really secretive, obviously for good reasons, and that’s why most conspiracy theorists and UFO buffs are so quick to point to it. Myself included. :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s that

nevada, my bad, some other base is in new mexico…dulce? idk, i don’t believe anything major is in 51, they probably moved all the important stuff somewhere else because thier is too much publicity. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nobody has heard the trick on this whole site…

Based on Jayyo’s post I found a freestyle by Eric Twark. I couldn’t tell you if that trick is in there though.

And here’s a site that has a couple of tricks by Eric Twart.