New trick!

(Christopher Dougherty) #1


Daaa-aaa-aaang! Awesome!!! That made me pretty happy!


That trick is both dope and fly, also sick.


And ill. Phat as well. And also bad in the 1980’s sense of the word. Am I missing something? Groovy?

(Christopher Dougherty) #5

Thank you! Thank you!! That’s all from me for the rest of the week, I wonder if I could get my drone to yoyo in the living room??

(Christopher Dougherty) #6

Thank bro!!! I worked really hard with that trick!!

(Victorian YoYos) #7

I can’t see the video ;(


Yeah that URL no longer works for the video, it is

“album is empty”


I was able to watch it a few hours ago…