Are Trainwrecks That good?

I’m getting the urge do get another to start 5A with and all my other yoyos are well not good or beat up. So i was thinking about getting a trainwreck by SPYY. What are your thoughts on that?

Never tried one,but I hear its a great 5a player,although if you dont have expirience with 5a its not the best for begginers in 5a. :wink:

Do they sell regular Train Wrecks anymore? cuz thats the one I want.

nope,I think they arent selling anymore,sorryy. :frowning:

First of all, Trainwreaks are awesome!!! They one thing that makes them really special is the way the play. Super smooth and noiseless. ;D

I love my Trainwreck, but if you’re looking for a good 5A player, most people prefer the Trainwreck 2.0 (plus, they’re still available)