andre, please!

please get a trainwreck if you can, even though they don’t make them anymore, try!

How can he get something thats not produced? Like you cant go buy a slave cuz they are no longer produced…I mean the yoyo

Your best bet to get a trainwreck in the B/S/T.

You know, the slave yoyo by DBYY?

Just wanted to make sure. That sounded bad at first. haha

With the purchase of your FIRST slave yo-yo, get an extra pair of friction stickers ABSOLUTELY FREE. (just pay shipping and handling)

I get the feeling that since SPYY hasn’t brokered a deal with YYE yet, you won’t be seeing Trainwrecks here.

Go crazy.

Yea i Know, just looked it up and its spelled “Slayve”.

Would you be interested in a Pure or Addiction?

TW 2’s are fine, maybe andre can get those.

The name of the yoyo is the “EKG” Not the “Slayve”. There was a “Slayve I” edition of it, because the anodization finish was inspired by Boba Fett’s ship in Star Wars, the “Slave I”.

To answer the OP’s question, Train Wreck’s are discontinued. SPYY won’t be making anymore. They do have the Train Wreck 2 , but that’s pretty different than the original. Your best bet is to do like the others said, and get one off the B/S/T.

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