Are there any high end yoyo shops in chicago?


Or even the whole Illinois?


Or even in the US?




@leftylink, no im not bragging :wink:


In Chicago there is cat and mouse game store which has some higher end yoyos. They list them on their website and it looks like a decent selection


Link :slight_smile: thank you!


I never really got what bird in hand was…


A store in California.


But from my understanding, they sell other stuff, as well as a few yoyos.


You understand correctly.

(Jei Cheetah) #11


All right, thanks.

No, you’re thinking of bird ON hand.


You might want to take that link down. But really, oh my god…if that’s an actual brick and mortar store, I’m moving to chicago.


Wouldn’t that be worth 2 in the bush?


exactly what I was going to say.


i went to cat and mouse games today it was so awesome i highly recommend it they had a lot of yoyos from brands that u dont see in stores i highly recommend it to anyone in illinois they also have a yoyo club and Ben Conde gives yoyo lessons there i forget when but u can look it up


Yeah, I’ve been there. Good selection, nicest stuff under glass. They’ll let you test stuff, and they used to have the local yoyo club out of the store.

Also, great polish grocer nearby with incredible sausage.


If it was anything like what I saw at Nationals 2012, I was not impressed.


It is a yoyo and toy store in Chico California. It is also a yoyo museum. It has the biggest yoyo, free yoyo lessons, and they sell yoyos. Not “a few” yoyos, like 60+ throws for sale. Including clyw,one drop,yyf,yyj,Duncan etc. I also met Augie and gentry there at the yoyo club (free yoyo lessons 12 -2, if you live in Chico).
Well, I dont know of it is still the biggest yoyo, but it actually works.
But I only go for the yoyo club XD haha


No… Bird in Hand is the National yo-yo museum! But is does sell other things, but not “a few” yo-yo’s… Quite a lot actually!!