Are there any fellow throwers in the NY/NJ/Pa area? Tri State Area?

Anyone near like middletown, NY? Matamoras, PA Tri state area?

i live near albany. Andrew maider lives in clifton park. My coach actually has a practice area down there in middletown i go there about every other sunday.

Albany is a little far. And really? Maybe we could meet up some time? You know where the Middletown mall is? Galleria its called i think.

When I’m visiting my parents, I’m in Rockland County. Christmas meet-up at the Palisades Mall anyone?

i live in hopewell jct NY, next to fishkill

hmm fishkill is pretty close.

im in wyckoff NJ in Bergen County right outside of NYC

Thats a wee bit too far. its a few hours. maybe 2

I’m in Quakertown, PA

Long Island

I live in Easton,PA. We should meet up sometime when i get back from college

Hey I go there a lot for wrestling. By the way I’m in middle school in case you were wondering.