Are all yyf surfaces the same?


When playing with my HOT I noticed that the finish is not the smoothest and sometimes feels a bit grippy. Which makes me wonder, since I was considering purchasing a yyf aviator I’m curious if the surface is as same as the HOT. I’m very curious as to what the community’s opinions are.


They are not all the same, the aviator has a very nice beadblast actually.


Yyf mixes it up.


I agree that there are different finishes. My blasted Shutter and blasted Too H.O.T. even feel different.


I have a Shutter as well that is extremely hot. What do you do with a shutter to cool it down. Do you have to turn it off so it cools down on its own?


Lol. I usually put my Shutter in liquid nitrogen to cool it.


You never turn it off? Its going to run out of batteries.