AR/T, Crucial, MMC, Plus many more!

For Sale. Only trade interest is a G2 Life. Please add fee for Paypal G&S (3%). Prices include shipping CONUS,

Some rares on Ebay. AR/T, Crucial, MMC

1st Row:

Rain City Seti- Like new $45

New version YYF Nine Dragons- NMTBS $35

CLYW Metal Yeti- NMTBS $50

Early (1st?) run YYF Shutter- Like new $35

Yoyo Empire Touchmore (organic)- Like new $25

YYF Confusion GT- 1 pinprick $25

YYE Edge Ultimatum- Like New $50

2nd Row:

Yoyo Apartment SOS- Like new $15

YYF Nine Dragons (older model) Good Cond. $25

YYF ND- Like new $45,

G2 Legendary Campaign- Like new $45

Freshly Dirty Stale Bread- NMTBS $45

Crucial Whole Milk- NMTBS $45

UNPLRD Recognition- 3a marks/scuffs $25

3rd Row:

YYM Carpfin- Like New with box $40

Capital Amelia- NMTBS $30

Cadence ES- SOLD

YoyoPalace Code- 3a marks/scuffs $20

YYF 888GT with pink stacks- NMTBS $35

Something Addiction- NMTBS $30

Basecamp Sherpa- B Grade, some damage. $15

4th Row:

Magic Yoyo K10- Like new $6 with purchase

Audley light up yoyo- NMTBS $5 with purchase

4th Row: Wolf Amarok- NMTBS,

Half Swap Fools Gold Yeti- NMTBS $4 with purchase of yoyo

YYF Wedge- NMTBS $10 with purchase

Wolf Amarok- Delrin hubs- NMTBS $15


@venom has been looking for a mmxx for a while now if you would consider selling it rather than auctioning it



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Many still available!

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Fresh list!