April Fools by Khent Gaid

Hi, my name is Khent Gaid and I do things in life like breathing.

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Awesome! Especially considering you weren’t even looking a the yoyo half the time.


I filmed this last monday and got lazy…

Today, it’s April 1st and remembered how silly I was feeling that day so… here



Once I spent a week learning how to do a combo with my eyes closed.

haha i can do that anytime XD

You going to NER?

nope… :frowning:

il be at ma states

nooooooooooooooo :frowning:

yea i know, its aight

I was brutally lied to.

Lol trapeze banger

Sorry Sean. :slight_smile:

LOL I came up with this last September but I’m sure many did. I saw Jensen perform this at cal states… also, i was going to use that for the werdd banger contest ehheheh

Ah hahaha just saw the trapeze banger I’m sooo using that in my next freestyle

ahah… it will be trending soon… im surprised not many people do this after seeing Jensen do it XD

dude, we gotta make a collab

when, where and how?


Okay man lets do it soon!!