Appraising 1990-Present Day Tom Kuhns

So, I recently realized that the older generation TK’s were made in SF while the 1990s and current TK’s are made differently by BC. I was previously under the assumption that BC just marketed/packaged the product without taking part in the manufacturing - similar to the way that HP branded the iPod back in the day to get it more mainstream acceptance.

Anyway, I have 2 questions actually - I have a fairly large collection of late generation TK yo-yos… just how much of a difference in value is there compared to the old gen SF made ones?

And also, anyone know where to score the older gens? I have an older unpainted one that seems different than my others that I believe was just before the change, but I don’t have the package or remember it to be sure…

First the newer ones don’t have much value. but the old school Tk go for a lot I had an offer of about 100 for an original Sf era snow flake. If you are trying to find an old school one keep your eyes peeled they turn up on ebay from time to time. Happy hunting

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