Applebees fundraiser


Get to work at applebees to fund my 8th grade trip to china. I’m in the mandarin immersion program.


Please like applebees, clackamas, OR on facebook so my class will make more money

(Raphael) #3

Maybe if you gave us some free entree’s Hint Hint :stuck_out_tongue:


Kind of cool, but I wouldn’t wan’t an 8th grader making my food (I wouldn’t wan’t myself either).


No we were just serving


Might help if you said what/where Applebee’s you’re working at.

Not one of my favorite places to go but I’d be willing to help you out if it was nearby. The problem there is I just had a death in the family and it killed my bank accounts. I’m a bit light right now.

But at the same time, I’m kinda not in favor of sending people to China at the moment. Long story, has nothing to do with the death in the family. Not sharing either, it will turn into a political hotbed and a flame war.

Best i will say is best of luck and I hope you reach your target goal!


The fundraiser is over, we served a lot of people and had a lot of fun. @studio42 the meals were $7 all you can eat