Apple showdown

granny smith = death penalty !!!
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mcintosh for me lol i am sorry


As someone who packs an apple in my lunch almost everyday, pink lady all the way.


I have a question… Even if I’m the only one that seems interested in the answer?

My question is simple… As number five, you listed cosmic crisp/pink lady.

A cosmic crisp and a pink lady are very different apples and taste texture, size shape, usefulness, and cooking and sweetness.

Now, if you would’ve said your top six apples… And pink lady was listed by itself on the number six line I wouldn’t have said a thing.

But listing both apples as the number five choice divided Only by a forward slash, It at least appears that you feel the two apples are closely related in characteristics of which they are not.

And the only reason I’m bringing that up is very simple. I would’ve chosen number five, the cosmic apple. But it certainly wouldn’t be worth making that choice if it’s riding in the same cart as a pink lady.

Ps… The pink lady variety of Apple was developed in the early 1970s by a guy named John Cripps.

The cosmic crisp apple was originally researched in 1997 by a horticultural. He was concerned that the state of Washington was concentrating their growing forces too much on Washington red delicious and the green yellow variety. So he decided to take it upon himself to develop something new. His forces worked alongside a highly regarded research laboratory and spent at least 20 years fine-tuning the Apple before it became the cosmic crisp.


Actually good diatribe! I find the apples completely different in characteristics butthe degree to which i appreciate them is actually about the same, hence why they’re tied.

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I consider myself an apple enjoyer, I think the crispier the better!
Never Tried a Kanzi, But if its as crispy as they say, it may take my #1 spot

My Top Apples:

  1. Cosmic Crisp
  2. Honeycrisp
  3. Wild Twist
  4. pink lady
  5. Envy

What do you prefer in terms of crunch?

  • Crunchy Apple Enjoyers (i.e Cosmic Crisp, or Honeycrisp, etc)
  • Tender Apple Enjoyers (i.e Red Delicious, or Gala, etc)
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Crunchy apples all the way when possible! Ironically, however, i consider gala apples to be my #1 cheapo apple, so it isn’t a firm rule of thumb.


Honeycrisps are the best apple.


Well, actually to start with, my reply, I would not consider diatribe in the least.

When you started this thread, you were interested to find out what other peoples opinions were? You were interested to find out what their top five would be? You already knew what your top selections would be. And those were specific to you as you identified them as such.

But if you were or are truly asking for other peoples list of top five apples, then it seems only logical and reasonable that although you found cosmic, crisp and pink lady, equally like to the point that you found them to be a tie, that has absolutely nothing to do When you’re listening the opinions of others.

It is in the realm of possibilities that there are one or more others that may read your post and also find cosmic crisp and pink lady Equally enjoyable. But I would say that would be more in the realm of possibility than in the realm of probabilities.

Personally, I would choose number five cosmic crisp. But that would be a standalone choice of which, of course you did not provide.

If you consider the dialogue in my first reply to be diatribe, then I would consider that you are easily offended.

If you’re asking to truly get other peoples opinions, you should’ve put cosmic, crisp and pink lady on different lines so people could make their own conclusions without you locking them in to your personal conclusions.

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To be honest i only call it a diatribe because it was long and windy. I actually really appreciate your posts because of how detailed they are. Wasn’t intending to offend or be offended in the slightest :slight_smile: i should be more careful with my word choice




I currently have an se, so the camera and battery suck, but a newer one like a 14 or 15 look super appealing, just expensive.

If we’re talking about the fruit…
I LOVVVVE honey crisp, it’s sweet, and has such a nice texture. On the other hand, I can’t stand anything soft, it’s just…. Gross, even tho the flavor is nice, I just can’t handle the texture.


My top five favorite apples are Red Delicious.

Sweet, crisp and just right!

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Not to start an apple argument…
But you just described honey crisp :joy:


Not in the same league. Red Delicious are RED and delicious. :slight_smile:

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I have to say that I’m not a big apple aficianado, so most of the apples mentioned here are completely unknown to me. But at my work we have a grevensteiner apple tree that I really really like (tart, crunchy, veeery juicy).