Apology to a throw

I wonder if anyone else has had this type of experience with a throw.

Have you ever had a nice throw but it never grabbed you, not because it was a poor performer, it just do not gel or you did not give the throw a chance… so it sits, you throw it from time to time and can understand that it is a good quality well balanced smooth throw… but unenthusiastic play… ehh you try to sell it once, two times even… like a stray dog nobody wants it not even you at this point you are stuck with it you think. The third time you try and sell conspicuously too cheap… no bites it seems to be fishy sale to people. So you still have the throw after all of this it is kinda yours forever.
So you reluctantly throw it for a good session!

Turn Table 2.
“I apologize for not realizing your potential and not improving my throw skills and become a better player upon your arrival to fully appreciate your ability. I will throw you regularly and improve my skills that will reflect your ability.”

I recently started to throw Turn Table 2 regularly and it is a freaking awesome throw.
This was my experience to come to understand the the Turn Table 2 black on black rings is a very nice throw. I believe my throwing skills have become better so I can appreciate good throws in a more complete way.

Have a great rest of the week.


My only full size titanium. The Zeekio z1 is like that.

Tried to sell it. No bites. Then i ended up trying it again with new string…kind of love it now. Plus the fact that titanium hardly shows dings is a huge plus for me.

I’ll never part with it again. You guys have had your chance.

“I’m sorry for not appreciating you Zeekio Z1. You’re an amazing yoyo”.


Mine was the Author. I really liked everything about it except what it’s known for—the light weight. It just seemed to die before finishing even a short combo. I finally put some Markmont Nightmoves on it, and it really came alive! Still doesn’t spin forever, but much better as I think it needs a thin, slick string. There’s also no bounce in the Nightmoves which meshes well with the light weight of the Author. Love how small and nimble it is, and the weight just makes it fun to toss around. I never tried to sell it, but I was disappointed after initially getting it. Now it’s great!

I also had a similar experience with the Zeekio Ride. Just meh. Again, found the right string, and it really is a smooth and fun throw. I guess that’s the moral, try to match a string to the throw. Might be surprised by how good it can be!


So true! Personally, I find putting a @BadWolfeCo goldilocks slicc on any yoyo makes that yoyo even more enjoyable.


I got a Rev-G about 20 years ago or so….

I had to have one… it was horrible. Hard to throw. Painful to catch. Epic fail spin time. Hugh diameter but narrow. Rubber edge rings which did nothing. Just a first rate piece of junk.

So I just sort of moth-balled the yo-yo and moved on.

Way back then I only knew about 4 tricks, so I just figured I was the problem.

Now…… all these years later, now that I know about 8 tricks, I decided my more advanced skills dictated I give the yo-yo another chance to impress me.

So, I tossed the Rev-G for awhile and something amazing happened.

It sucks from every angle. I like it even less than I did before. It has to be the Biggest failure in yoyo history.

I apologize to the yo-yo for letting it live so long instead of just running it over with my truck and putting it out of its’ misiey.


Maybe when you learn 9 tricks you’ll like it? I’ve heard others give the same opinion as you. Wasn’t yoyo design at the cusp of a new era back then? I’m surprised you didn’t use your modding wizardry and turn it into a performance beast. Maybe you still can!


My MM classic was fast, floaty, a bit unstable due to it’s organic nature. I felt it was too much yoyo in my early throwing days. Now it’s one of my top 5 favorites permanently.


Nope…… I was considered by some to be a modding machine, lol.

But modding the Rev-G would be like putting a new dress on a Pig.

New dress/same Pig…


Dear Dumpster Fire,

It’s not you, it’s me. :pensive: I do not possess the fortitude to accept the lessons you so graciously offer. :pleading_face: Please accept my apologies. :pray: I aspire to one day be worthy of your wisdom. :face_with_monocle:

Your humble student,