Anything similar to the TP rt ?

Hey ! today i went to a yoyo meet and a guy had a turning point rt and i really liked it,but i didn’t really like the price :smiley: so i was wondering if there was any similar yoyo in feel with a less similar price ? Thank you !

A used one.

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You can get a used RT or clover in the 70 range which isn’t bad

yyj xcon pro
random guess idk

You might as well just look for the real thing in the bst. It’s a pretty unique feeling. Palpatation feels similar, but it’s more expensive.

I’m going to look at this,are they easy to find,and are they mint or few scuff and all ?

They might or might not have a few dings and scratches but nothing that would affect play. Just start looking through the BST everyday for a month and post a “looking for” ad in the BST.