Anyone with a Yomega Star Struck?

Finding little information or reviews of this yoyo, looks pretty sweet from yomega’s elite metal series and at $39.99 with free shipping. Decided to go ahead and order one but wondering if anyone out there has one ???

Looks like a cross between the Prodigy and the Glide. The Glide I never liked that much, too heavy and slow, but the Prodigy was pretty nice. I might get it, especially at the low price.

I’m excited to try it out, I have a glide and do enjoy it, will post up some pictures once it shows up in a couple days :slight_smile:

Well it showed up, and i absolutely LOVE it! Surprised no on has it yet, was launched fall 2016. Probably because its [available elsewhere].

Finish is wonderful, feels great in the hand, and is very stable