Anyone remember this?

Probably the vid who got me started doing this. Was totally mindblown when i first saw it!
It’s not that impressive now, unfortunately…

Wow i remember tha!
old vid, but back in the days that was really nice! What years that was made?
Sage right?

Thanks for sharing it!


I have no idea of who it is or when it was made. Upload date is late 2006, so i guess its around that time.

Anyone else?

Its before 2006 for sure…i think its around 2002
This is not the original channel where it was before.

André probably know the answer…hehehe


I remember watching that! I was browsing youtube around 2007.

I remember watching that when I was starting out! Watching him grab the yoyo by the rim in the middle of a trick blew my mind!

For those that don’t know, SAGE from this video invented the Iron Whip!

Yeah this video is super old. Sage is a beast.

Nice you totaly comfirm what i was thinking! Yay! im not crazy! Loll
It remind me for how long a been throwing…lolll


Other than the poor string tension all the time, I thought the tricks were still pretty darned good. If only I were that good to say that it’s not that impressive. LOL!

That is a good video.  The grabs thing was really cool, especially seeing how people do it now with hubstacks and going back and seeing it done previously as a grind.

Sector-Y still has it on their archived videos page.  They list the date as October 9, 2003, which I’m guessing is when it was uploaded: