Anyone live in the western Illinois/Eastern Iowa.


I live about thirty five minutes from the quad cities. Wondering if anyone elase lives near here. THANKS ;D


I live around decatur illinois


Awesome. Go IL!!!

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I’m in southwestern iowa.


How far are you from the quad cities?


Hmmm, that’s quite a range there. Looks to be almost 600 miles.


^^^ is true. But i know absolutely no one in the yoyo community and it sux. Just wondering if i could know somebody. ;D


I would’ve thought maybe you meant western Illinois/eastern Iowa.


SO SORRY im so stupid i meant western Illinois and easter Iowa. Like near the mississippi river. Sorry


i live in IL


Seth Peterson lives in Des Moines. Save Deth crew. So they got some throwers in Iowa I know for sure. Hit them up.

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We know, we know.


I live in West Des Moines. I’ve talked to Seth on Facebook some. I’d like to do a meetup sometime. I know central Iowa may be a long drive. Do you plan on competing at the fair next week?

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competing? I’m running it!


Nice! I’m still debating on it since I’ve been a little rusty lately and I’m trying save the rest of my PTO for the holidays or to carry over into the new year. Also can’t get any friends to go with me for support.

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Just come on out, it’s always a fun time


Old topic and not particularly relevant but, I grew up in Cambridge, Illinois. I know that area well. QC has a decent juggling/unicycling club. You might be able to find someone there.



Well now I know who you are Q. Weren’t you the guy at the 2010 fair who had a string break and waved bye-bye as your sweet metal throw went “TING! PING! TING!” and rolled away across the concrete stage?

I was disappointed they didn’t have the contest this year. It was potentially doomed when they always gave it a 2:00 Thursday afternoon time slot every year. Who has opportunity to attend the State Fair on a Thursday afternoon? And the sound was always such a problem, mics not working and getting the music cued up for players. It would have been much more successful on a Saturday or Sunday, but I suppose everybody and their dog are vying for weekend stage time.

Next year, a Saturday afternoon on the Bill Riley Stage! That’ll get everyone’s attention.

(Please excuse this bit of esoteric chatter YYE forum members.)

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Yessir! Me indeed.

And they did have the contest! I actually ran it this year.


I’m far but in suburbs of Chicago and know like 10 throwers in my town