Anyone know if Toys R Us has these in stock?

I was wondering if anyone has seen a flying panda or a hayabusa in stock at Toys R Us. I am looking for a knew offstring yo-yo and am going to Jackson today so if you have seen them in stock please say so. Thanks.

Nope. I’ve only seen the low quality Duncan yo-yo’s there. Imperials, Butterflies, Speed Beetles, and Mosquitos. Those are it at my store.

I got a freehand 2 at mine.


They have FH2’s at mine too.

yea, they are at pretty much all of them

I can get the translucent FH2s at mine.

= Sick paint jobs.

= awesome graphics.

Toys R Us doesnt stock any offstring models.
Duncan Stock is as follows: Speed Beatle, Pulse, Freehand 2, Butterfly, Imperial, Dragonfly, Reflex

Yeah, FH2s are fun to mod. I might buy two more, one to keep stock and one to mod. My current one is a purple one that has an awsome satin finish and one K-Pad in it. Its completly unresponsive and was my mail 5A throw for a while.

Thanks, guys. And yea, I have one of the old Freehand 2s. The ones with the weight rings in it. I got like six years ago. I took the stock pads out and put a dif-pad in it and cleaned the bearing. Now it plays amazing!

Not worth 10 bucks. . . ::slight_smile:

Try my modded one…

i have a trans red fh2 that i sili recessed, by far one of the best plastic yoyos i have. so i would say its worth the 10 bucks.

at toys r us you can probably get:
Imperial reflex butterfly mosquito speed beatle and the FH2

Sooo not true… I enjoy playing mine minus on sticker… Its still responsive but once I get around to doing some modding to it it might become one of my main throws…