Anyone in Vallejo or Bay Area?

I’m moving to the bay area tomorrow and will be having a fresh start, i dont know anyone in the area and was wondering if there was a yoyo culture there at all? Stores, clubs, or just people who like to yoyo. Let me know guys.

Vallejo’s yoyo scene isn’t very active. aegYOcrew got too busy and we only meet up at contests. As for stores and clubs, its pretty much non-existent.

I’m still around the area (AC), but I don’t have a lot of time to meet up. Maybe after March we’ll be able to start a small club.

Wait… seriously? The Bay Area yoyo scene is AMAZING. The area consists of many yoyoers such as Keiran Cooper, Daniel Flaherty, etc. One of the best yoyo clubs in the country is in the Bay, which is Spindox. There is also the YoLex meets.