Anyone have luck with MFD drop?

One thing at mf is, that anodizing is only done by one person which has that company as an hobyy. So time constrains are a valid point in that case i think.


There are still few Aotuses available in austian online shop, if anyone interested.

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Chill - there are some around. Talk to people, ask around, there are some MFDs for sale here and there. This time at Halloween I was camping with the family, no network. Previous drop I was cooking pizza and forgot the time. It’s the same with the high demand G2 drops. I never got a high-demand model from the G2 store. Not even once. So I stopped trying. And yet, I have almost 40 G2s. Whoa hoarder status. There are some awesome people here, just talk to them.


Something funny… to me anyways>

I never really made much effort to battle the G2 drops.

First of all, I am not too hot on the check out quick gameplay…

And secondly, G2 has been using the YYE forum as a Free billboard to have his yoyos advertised by his minions, yet seldom sells his products through YYE to allow André to make some money for providing G2 with advertising space.

Other than that, Jake is a really nice hard working guy. And his yoyos are excellent(those I’ve tried).

Interestingly, when I recently acquired Codings’ yoyo collection, to my pleasant surprise, there was/is a whole shadow box FULLof G2 yoyos🙀 including a Ti-Hawk.

So, without the slightest effort to battle a G2 drop. An entire display of G2 yoyos ‘drops’ on me :roll_eyes:

Go figure…


while i can agree to some extent, there are a share of boutique throws that are great pieces, and do (justly) hold their value. you don’t have to be an expert or a professional thrower to know the difference between a well-designed, well-manufactured, thoroughly thought out and presented yoyo, and a polished turd. BUT, you have to be able to sort through hype, fanbois/girls, “next best things” that aren’t really the next best things, etc.

i think companies charging $142 for a monochromatic monometal with a post it and two .25” x 3” pieces of pine, at this point, is not a fair value, as a customer. particularly with the level artisanship, effort, detail, qc, craftsmanship, etc. we are seeing out of some of the other boutique companies… at least making sure something is not nicked up (or is protected enough so it wont get so in transit) should be a priority - REGARDLESS if you like boxes or not. a throw bouncing around loosely in a box with no protection, even if it’s only $50, is not an excuse… ya’ lazy! and you don’t respect your customers. says the customer… guy with the money… not buying your stuff… get it?

the collector/enthusiast market drives the yoyo market just as much, if not moreso, as the expert/pro thrower market. these folks are the first to buy the new drops (not the tweens and teens that can bust out the best, newest and fastest tricks)… they have the jobs and therefore the money! you HAVE to keep these people happy… the kids are buying SF anyway, lol… so yeah, i don’t watch fanboi hype, lol… MFD & Static Co drops are the only ‘boutique’ drops i’ll chase anymore…


That is kinda frustrating when you open up an A-rt and it has tiny flat spots from customs or transit, I feel like 115 or 100 is more reasonable considering they are made by OD


at the end of the day, something is worth whatever people will pay, the limited nature of early clyw and general yo throws put out some of the best yoyos ever, I think it makes sense that its more expensive to make 30 of something vs 1000 of something, at the end of the day… not all expensive yoyos are great, and therefore I dont think exclusive drops are worth it when the BST is loaded with stuff usually at a discounted price if it wasn’t a fan favorite… so while exclusive drops may be unfair and not worth it… if people are going to pay, i dont discredit the companies, id rather there be people still making yoyos then have the hobby slowly die out because only 1-2 companies are still putting stuff out


ill add, that the more you yoyo and the more people you talk to, the more you learn to trust certain brands more then others, for example, I know that ernie at general yo would never put out something he didn’t feel was truly great and worth the price, and therefore id always try and wait to get an exclusive drop from him - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dont follow the hype, spend the money and time that you think it is worth


Whoa, that’s kinda harsh. I don’t think that Jake ever intended to get free advertising and any advertising that comes by way of his “minions” as you called them comes from their own opinions, reviews, or BST postings, not Jake.

While your comment was probably done as satire, singling out G2 and calling their followers “minions” was a bit over the top. I’m sure other brands advertise on this forum without having their goods sold through YYE.

As for the “battle drops”, some people like the excitement and feel of the adrenaline pumping at drop time. I know I do. Sometimes people win and sometimes people lose but that’s the game. Not everyone can grab a collection like Jeff’s with so many G2’s with minimal effort.

Just my 2cents.


I remember you taking dms about the insane collection you acquired. I put in an old DM about G2 if you happen to still have any you’re willing to part with plz dm. I have a few specific models only that i’m looking for. Thanks doc!


use a bot

so pretty much what everyone is saying here is, there is no point in even trying if you aren’t using a bot because other people are using bots so you will never outperform a bot

I have 6 MFD throws, all bought within the last year, all from drops on the website.
I haven’t always gotten my first choice for colourway, I’m maybe 50/50 on that.

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Phrygian man I was doing some digging on mfd stuff and it says you’ve had good luck in the drops the last year! Anything you’d move or trade?:slight_smile:

I’ve hardly ever seen hype like this! Lol

If I ever start a yo-yo company I’ll name it baboon thumb… :laughing: