Anyone else excited for return of TWD?

(ChrisFrancz) #1

What to do on Sunday nights now? Negen is out of prison. Rick is who knows where? Jesus was killed. Maggie is gone. The Whisperers. This is one of the best seasons yet and I’ve been on board since the first episode. I read all the comic books up until like #104 I think. With Rick gone, who will the pivotal character be?

Pretty sure she has the string on her right index finger. Ugh.


Whoa they had an episode with a yo-yo? Cool.

I read the comic TWD for quite a while but I got tired of the repeating pattern it seemed locked into. Encounter humans, one of them turns out to be a big bad, defeat that big bad, move on to next humans, one of them turns into a big bad… it just got repetitive to me, plot wise.

(ChrisFrancz) #3

Stopped reading the comic books because the story moved so little over multiple issues that it frustrated me. I got the first compendium and then just got the trade paperbacks which had 6 issues each. I only bought them used online and the story crawled so much I gave up. The novels are great and take place in the same world but with different characters and some minor overlaps. The first novels explain how the Governor came to be and then what happens to Woodbury after he leaves.