Anybody have K-Pads?? (Kimu Pads)

Hey all,
I’m looking for K-Pads to fit my B.I.O. Industries EGO (Seth Peterson’s signature throw from the mid 2000’s). I got it with silicone in it that’s now worn out and would rather just put the K-Pads it needs in it. As in K-Pads, I mean “Kimu Pads” which are somewhat obscure nowadays. I’m not 100% sure what size it uses, but it’s a D bearing and maybe if you have K-Pads you would know. In exchange for K-Pads, I have:

Friction stickers
Duncan silicone stickers

Shipping through the mail probably wouldn’t be a huge deal, and if you can help me out if would be much appreciated!


bump! counterweights can also be added for anyone willing to help me out!