Any1 in the Bay area (california)?

Hey yall, i do kno that some yoyoers live in the bay area (specifically around Oakland/SF), but I’m sure that there are a lot more! I also have never seen any1 with a yoyo in the bay area except me.

P.S. i know that there is the bay area classic and such but there arent many actual meetup clubs around here


Bay area represent (East bay)!

I feel the same actually despite the bay area seemingly quite active. The most active club is Spindox (they meet at Nob Hill in Alameda the last Saturday from every month) but given current situations right now, that hasn’t been able to happen.


nob hill? a shop?

good idea, we should set up a zoom for anybody who wants to throw every Saturday

Yea, there’s an outdoor patio/park setting next to the store along the estruary

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East bay.

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Fremont over here! Been looking for a yo-yo community for a while as well


I’m down on the peninsula in San Mateo County.

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Hi I’m Aaron kyro and I’m a sponsored skateboarder from the san Francisco bay area

Shoulda named yourself Aaron and not Philip, Aaron

It was a reference to braile skateboarding but continue on with your day