Any Yo-Yo clubs or throwers in southern Maine

Ok I live in southern Maine, relatively near Sebago lake (fun fact of the day: Sebago lake is the deepest and the second largest lake in the US) and I also go to one of the largest school districts, if not the largest, in Maine. Here’s my problem, out of the about 1100ish students that go to my high school there are about 3 of us that yo-yo, me, my friend Ryan and one of Ryan’s friends who I haven’t really met. So I wanna know if there are any throwers or clubs in southern Maine near Sebago because I only know of only 2 others than me and theres only so much you can learn from the internet. So if there are any clubs or throwers in southern Maine, give me a shout and hey if there arn’t any clubs and there are a few throwers maybe we can make a club. You never know till ya ask.