Any tips?


My tricks and style just seems kinda choppy to me. Any tips on smoothing my tricks out?


Slow down, and repeat one trick till it seems smoother, then go to a different trick until they’re all smooth.

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Focus on the same material for a while instead of tryign to learn new tricks. Gets them down really good. Slow down a little and gradually build up speed. Plus i’d look over it and see if maybe you should do a certain trick less and maybe through in a couple new ones.


Thanks for the tips. Playing responsive would help me smooth my tricks out alot won’t it?

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not really…

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For me at least, responsive play has really helped the smoothness of my tricks :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, by breaking down you tricks, and practicing the elemnts that arent as good over and over again, you can improve the flow of your tricks

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Yes it will.

Go out, get a stock -cheap- Duncan and see what happens…

You start to show even a hint of choppiness on a Squeeter, it comes back at you. You learn pretty darn fast to smoothen out, otherwise you’re playing a game of bloody knuckles you won’t win.


Wait, people are always talking about playing smooth with a responsive throw. Why is the responsive part so important?

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When you can play well with a responsive yoyo, it means you aren’t making any jerky movements.

You take what you do with a responsive yoyo and use it while you are playing unresponsive. It makes you smoother.


Thanks. That’s what I was actually thinking. Just wanted to make sure, and thanks for always being of help Q. :wink:

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It’s my responsibility to give back to the community.

They taught me and helped me along, so I should do the same.