Any tips on competing?

Im going to compete in a contest. I really want to win. any tips on competeting will help. And if there is any tips on stage fright that will help.

Be happy,be your self and bring extra yoyos
Hint* behind the back tricks will score higher

Stage freight: don’t worry about it, everyone in the crowd are (mostly) non judgmental throwers who have been at your level before or are yet to get to your level.

Also, you want to time your tricks with the music, but mainly for your finals. In Prelims you want as many tricks as possible and as many string huts as possible.

Do a backflip

Throw the crowd money

Don’t use music with bad vords in it

Look good

Costumes are a plus

Not sure why I’m formatting this post like I am

I like puppies

Hope I helped

Try your best to have fun on stage. If you’re focusing on not missing your tricks, you’re going to.

Plus, performances where the performer is obviously having a great time are more enjoyable to watch than more serious performances.

For competeing just try to have fun that’s why your there so why be only there for competition it’s lots of fun all around!