Any throwers on the central coast of Cali?

Lookn for any throwers the live on or near the central coast. Iv been throwin for many years now and I feel like I should be way better than I am and I think its partly because I’m completly self taught and I don’t know anyone else who throws so if you find yourself in the same boat or just wana find some like minded peeps then let’s get in touch and make this happen! If you got any questions or ideas then you can email me at for mor info. I live in morro bay CA near San Luis Obospo so if you live anywhere near Cen Cal then hit me up and let’s Throw! 420 friendly as well

I live in Santa Barbara area if u know where that is?

a year late to replay lol, but im here in SLO and 420 friendly

Things seem to move more slowly here on the left coast :wink:

I don’t always ding my expensive throws, but when I do, I just throw them again :wink:

New to throwing but I live in central valley and go to morro bay a lot

So are you guys down for a meet up?