Any metal looping yoyos?


The new AllyCat by CoreCo is a looping yoyo i’m pretty sure.


@Nicholas_H Nope, just a slim yoyo

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That raises a related question: do expert 2A players hit themselves in the face often? Is it something you never ever really get away from as you attempt increasingly more challenging tricks? Or is there a point after which it’s simply not something you have to worry about anymore?


@zslane Lol I’m sure there is a point but I haven’t found it yet, probably never will. I’m not the best to comment on that. I’ve pretty much accepted that I’ll never be proficient at 2a


Dif-E-Yo made a couple of metal loopers several years ago (the Orbiter and Blind Orbiter), but they weren’t very popular.

I think it is less an issue of 2A not being big enough for manufacturers to innovate than it is that 2A players don’t really want metal looping yoyos or consider that an innovation. If one of the top competitors wanted it, I’m sure someone would make it for them.

At the moment there just don’t seem to be any advantages to using metal for a looping yoyo, like what vegabomb was saying. It is probably possible to replicate the properties of the most popular plastic loopers with machined metal designs, but at best it would just be accomplishing the same thing for a lot more money, so there isn’t much point in anyone trying to figure out how to do that.

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That’s interesting.

I would think that the benefits of metal yoyos (precision machining, durability, balance, etc.) would benefit all yoyos (except maybe 4A?), even those intended for looping. I’m surprised nobody in the 2A arena has found a competitive advantage in metal vs. plastic.


That is fair, since metal vs. plastic is undoubtedly $10 in cost by itself (if not more) no matter how you slice it.


$10, is a lot of money considering that a company will shave a 25 cent feature off of a product just to save money. Multiply that 25 cents by the number produced and you can get in to some serious money.

@zslane - Looping being what it is does not require the precision etc to be had with a metal yoyo. The cost is not justified.


I meant $10 to the consumer, not $10 in raw costs

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Whaaattt iis happpenninggg in that viiiddeoooo

Does he have four DKs or does he switch to real looping yoyos halfway through?


Yeah he switches to normal loopers…
cool idea and I’m glad he did it lol but not a single loop was thrown with a dk


I kinda figured he was half-trolling with that music, and jacket… and the DKs… :rofl:

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2 DK’s and, get this: 3 3A pairs of SF Blisses. THATS SIX.

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You could put some holes like a hayabasu.