Any indian yoyoer there

As everyone knows india has a massive population but still a very limited amount of yoyoers …
Its a fact that only 7℅ people in india can speak english but still its the country with max no. Of english speakers…
Well through this I wanna chat to some indian yoyoers .:grin:


i am not from india, or indian, but welcome aboard the forums!


Ohh thanks…
U see its hard to YOYO out here because there aren’t good yoyos available…
And due to the currency difference its event harder to export …
But I always try my best…
Well I m currently mastering the trick maximum overdrive… What about u ?

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Toybania is in India. They are still inconvenient?

Saw a pretty good one for 2100 rupees or so. $29 usd.

Welcome to an awesome community.



Toybania is toi everygreen…

TaW challenge is q great way up improve,
which is on this forum run by @MoonageMin and @twitch77. Check its out.

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