Any Hubstack Tricks?

Anybody got any tuts for hubstack tricks?

For 5A May YYF does a freehand habstack trick every wednesday.

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I dont have any hubstacks.

^ that was helpful…

I can think of some simple ones, like fingergrinding and picking it up by the stacks.

This is a fun one: do a pull start then do a sorta mach5 whip, right before the slack hits the yoyo let go of it, then swing the yoyo over your throwhand clockwise and grab it again, let go of the loop you catched the yoyo on and pull it through the gap and it should bind. hope that made sense!

nooffense but that didn’t make much sense

Well what dont you understand? That’s the most I can do until I get film for my camera

I like doing this one

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I invented one, quite hard to explain:

  1. Pull Start
  2. Throw a slack, so it drapes over your throwhand, pinch with your thumb
  3. place the yoyo on the string
  4. underpass onto the middle string, should be in a wrist mount
  5. Do anything from the mount but I like a GT Suicide, then bind

Hope you can understand

no, they just do a 5a trick everyday

No they do a hubstack trick every wednesday, so there should be one today and the last one was hubtrap!!!

That waz just one hubstack trick because yesterday they did snake oil salesman.

Ask, and you shall receive… its a bit old, but still works =)